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Extension Bar

SRP £1,050.00 + VAT

Extension Bar accessory used in conjunction with the VTX-V20-AF array frame for deploying VTX V20 systems in either compression or tension mode. Five extension bar attachment options provide variable pick point separation (2-point suspension) and added flexibility for single point suspension. The extension bar can be front or rear-mounted for increased array up-tilt or down-tilt, respectively. When rear-mounted, provides an attachment point for compression suspension. A single extension bar can be installed in the array frame central tube, or alternatively, a pair of extension bars can be front or rear-mounted in left/right array frame tubes. Single or dual extension bars can also be front or rear-mounted in Ground Stack applications for extra stability and a wider range of array tilt angle options.


  • 1 x VTX-V20-AF-EB
  • 1 x Adjustable leveling foot used for ground stacking applications
  • 2 x Quick Release Pins (QRP) for securing the extension bar to the array frame