Single 18” Subwoofer

The VTX B18 is JBL Professional's next generation, compact and lightweight subwoofer, designed to extend the low frequency response of full range VTX sound reinforcement systems below 30HZ.

The VTX B18 features JBL’s new 2288 single 18” woofer engineered for improved linearity and a wider dynamic range. The new woofer takes advantage of JBL’s patented 4th-generation Differential Drive technology to deliver higher output, extra-long excursion, lower distortion and ultra-low power compression. And the B18 incorporates JBL’s patented SlipStream™ double-flared exponential low-frequency port design to improve airflow and reduce audible turbulence even at maximum excursion.

The B18 shares the industrial design of the JBL’s VTX A-Series products and has the same width and suspension hardware as the VTX A8, allowing the two products to be used together in a variety of flown or ground-stacked configurations. The VTX B18 can be deployed in omnidirectional or cardioid configurations, in arrays of up to 16 enclosures.

The VTX B18, together with the VTX A8, A12 and A12W loudspeakers and Crown I-TECH HD amplifiers, gives audio professionals a complete toolset for designing the optimal sound system for any scale rental, performing arts or fixed install application.