Compact 15" Subwoofer

The VTX B15G Compact 15-inch Subwoofer extends the low-end performance of VTX full-range sound-reinforcement systems, including the new VTX A6 Subcompact Dual 6.5-inch Line Array Element. The B15G is a versatile solution for production companies, touring acts, rental houses, theatres, houses of worship or anyone who demands superior sound reinforcement when space is at a premium. Two models are available: the B15G, which is designed without rigging hardware for ground-stacked applications and the arrayable B15.

The B15G joins the VTX B Series subwoofer family in harnessing VTX acoustic innovations such as SlipStream™ double-flared exponential ports and Differential Drive® dual-voicecoil woofer design; the subwoofer is based on JBL’s new 2285H 15-inch woofer, engineered for linearity, efficiency and excursion that rival 18-inch designs. The B15G has the same width and suspension hardware as the A6, allowing the two products to be combined in a range of flown and ground-stacked configurations. Design and operate systems with ease, using JBL’s suite of prediction and management tools.

Together with the A6, the B15G brings flagship VTX sound quality and performance to a new compact footprint, whether supporting small and midsize applications or supplementing large VTX systems. It’s never been easier to deliver impactful, VTX-quality sound at any scale.

  • New JBL 2285H 15-inch woofer offers low distortion and improved linearity.
  • SlipStream double-flared ports reduce noise and air turbulence.
  • Differential Drive dual-voicecoil, dual-gap woofer design delivers superior low-frequency performance in a compact footprint.
  • Two models are available: the arrayable B15 and the B15G, designed without rigging hardware
  • Integrates seamlessly with JBL LAC-3 and Performance Manager software applications
  • Standard VTX rigging and suspension features allow fast, accurate deployment in ground-stacked configurations.
  • Support for omnidirectional and cardioid configurations.
  • Neutrik STX speakON NL4 connectors.
  • Rugged, exterior-grade birch plywood enclosure with black Duraflex finish and recessed handholds.
  • Powder-coated, hex-perforated stainless steel grille with acoustically transparent cloth backing.
  • IP55 rated
Frequency Range (-10dB)35 Hz-95 Hz (Preset: 80 Hz)
Coverage Pattern