Dual 8” Compact Line Array Loudspeaker with 110-degree Dispersion

The VTX A8 is a new generation of line array that delivers JBL Professional’s flagship VTX A Series technology in a compact solution for small to mid-size rental and installed applications. The VTX A8 was designed to solve the diverse sound reinforcement needs of production companies, rental houses, theatres and houses of worship, as well as production applications requiring front fills, side arrays or other auxiliary support for large-scale VTX systems.

Proprietary JBL transducers and our latest generation high-frequency waveguide provides unmatched performance, efficiency and an impressive 110 degrees of horizontal coverage down to 300 Hz. The A8 combines two 8” woofers, four 3.5” midrange drivers and two 2” high-frequency drivers in a single low-profile cabinet.

The VTX A8 shares the VTX A Series’ patented rigging mechanism and suspension system for streamlined deployment, while a comprehensive suite of accessories open up a world of configuration options.

Used on its own or in conjunction with the VTX B18, A12 or A12W, the VTX A8 expands the JBL VTX A Series to offer audio professionals a complete toolset for designing optimal sound systems for any application.

  • Proprietary, next-generation JBL transducers
  • Design refinements incorporate more drivers in a smaller footprint
  • Newly designed LF woofers and ports deliver optimal bass response to 55 Hz
  • Utilizes the same HF compression driver as VTX A12 systems for sonic consistency
  • Radiation Boundary Integrator® (RBI) design offers reduced horn edge diffraction, improved sensitivity, lower distortion and 110-degree horizontal coverage down to 300 Hz
  • Passively crossed mid- and high-frequency sections reduce amplifier channel requirements, allowing up to six A8 loudspeakers per amplifier
  • Integrates seamlessly with JBL system control and prediction software
  • Utilizes the innovative rigging mechanism introduced in the VTX A12 for streamlined, rapid deployment
  • Comprehensive mounting accessories expand configuration options
  • Full-face, enclosed grille for refined aesthetics and weatherization
  • High Ingress Protection (IP55) rating
  • Compact, lightweight design
Specifications Coming Soon