Vertical transport cart for 4 x 12 VTX A12 cabinets

SRP £1,615.00 + VAT

The VTX A12 Vertical Transporter is a robust, lightweight cart solution for vertically transporting up to 4 x VTX A12


The VTX A12 VT is constructed out of aluminium and steel parts and measures 45” (1143mm) wide and 24” (610mm) deep. Two attachment points are available on each side of the VTX A12 VT for connecting to the optional VTX A12 VT GND Ground Stack outrigger system. When used together, the VTX A12 VT becomes a fast and easy solution for deploying ground-stack arrays without having to remove the cabinets from the cart. The VTX A12 VT comes standard with a hard-top (VT-TOP) attachment that connects to the topmost cabinet of a stack to create a robust and defined footprint that stabilises the carts during transportation and allows other gear to be placed above for maximum truck-pack efficiency. A reinforced protective cover is available (VTX A12 VT CVR) and supplied separately.

  • Vertical transport cart for 4 VTX A12 enclosures
  • Truck-friendly dimensions
  • Includes a hard top for easy stacking
  • Built-in stacking features for easy storage
  • Support for ground stacking with optional VTX A12 VT GND
  • accessory
  • Heavy-duty casters
ConstructionHigh-grade steel with anti-corrosion coating, aluminium, 18mm, 11-ply Finnish birch plywood
FinishBlack Powder Coat, Black DuraFlexTM
Mechanical Limits1
Transportation4 x VTX A12
Ground Stack6 x VTX A12
Dimensions (H x W x D)2169.9 mm x 1225.6 mm x 762.0 mm
(6.69 in x 48.25 in x 30.0 in)
Net Weight3
VTX A12 VT29.3 kg (64.5 lbs)
VT-TOP13.2 kg (29 lbs)