We are pleased to announce a new addition to the Cinema range: the JBL 5628 very high power subwoofer. Compared to previous JBL cinema subwoofer models, output SPL is increased and frequency response is extended.

The JBL 5628 is intended for use in large format auditoriums that require improved low end response. These large format rooms have become the norm in many new complexes and many cinema chains have remodelled to create a large format “XD” (Extreme Digital) type room.


First installation of the JBL 5628 is a project in L.A. by Cinemark that has both Auro and Atmos in the same "XD" room and uses four of the new 5628 subs. This is a high visibility complex and will be all Harman Pro with Crown DCiN amps powering the JBL components. The complex is set to open November 1st 2014.

This model is added to the subwoofer line, no sub is replaced or made obsolete.

The JBL 5628 may be specified in any room where the client wants premium sound and could also be used in an install application such as club provided it is located somewhere safe such as under a raised stage.

  • 2 x 2269H 18" Differential Drive® dual voice coil dual gap, neodymium magnet transducers
  • 4000 watts continuous pink noise
  • 16000 watts peak power handling capacity
  • Ultra Long Excursion Large vent area for high output with low distortion

The 5628 is a high power, lightweight front-loaded vented subwoofer enclosure housing two of JBL’s exclusive 2269H Ultra Long Excursion 18" Differential Drive® woofers. This woofer features neodymium magnet, dual voice coils and dual gaps, JBL’s exclusive Vented Gap CoolingTM and ultra robust composite cone for high excursion and extra long life. Woofer is capable of a peak- to-peak maximum excursion of 89 mm (3.5"). The enclosure is constructed of dense stock and is extensively braced on all panels.

The JBL 5628 will start shipping in October 2014.

For more information please call Sound Technology Ltd on 01462 480000 or visit https://www.soundtech.co.uk/professional-audio/jbl