We are pleased to announce a new update to the JBL Tour Audio Software Suite to include new features and address a few bugs. This update includes: Performance Manager v2.7.0 and ArrayLink v1.3 for Android and iOS, and LAC V3.5.0. It is recommended to update these programs to maintain maximum compatibility.

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Performance Manager v2.70

JBL Performance Manager is the next-generation software application designed to configure networked audio systems for corporate and live concert events, as well as systems within performance venues such as theaters and houses of worship. Using Performance Manager dramatically reduces design time, simplifies networking and automates control interface configuration.

New Features:

• Speaker preset support for the new JBL VTX B28 Subwoofer

• New simplified navigation UI

• Several bug fixes and general improvements

Read more about the Performance Manager here.

ArrayLink v1.3

JBL Array Link is a mobile companion app that works in conjunction with JBL’s latest LAC-III software to assist technicians deploying JBL VTX Series line array systems. Array Link uses a QR code system to transfer all array mechanical information from the main LAC-III software application to a mobile phone – this transfer is done directly and in real-time without the need for internet connection. All relevant rigging information and options are presented in an easy-to-understand layout.

New Features:

• Compatibility support for LAC-3.5.0

• Support for the new JBL VTX B28 Subwoofer and VTX B28 SB

• Several user interface improvements

• Compatibility improvements for 64-bit architecture

• Several bug fixes and performance improvements

Download for Android devices here or iOS here

Line Array Calculator III v3.5.0

Line Array Calculator (LAC) is a simulation software intended for the design and prediction of JBL VTX Line Array systems and their acoustical performance. In addition, you can also use the software with flown and ground stacked JBL VTX Subwoofer Arrays. Beyond just acoustical prediction, you can use Line Array Calculator for mechanical validation and the calculation of all weight limits and safety warnings for JBL VTX Systems.

New Features:

• Support for VTX B28, VTX B28 SB, VTX B28 GND, VTX B28 VT, VTX A12 BP, and the VTX V20 BP

• Improved mechanical calculations for Ground Stacked arrays

• New virtual plane added

• New 3dB and 6dB step options for SPL Mapping

• Several bug fixes and performance improvements

Read more about the Line Array Calculator III here