"The LSR308 is certainly a cost-effective solution if you want ample bass, power and vibe. However, for sheer clarity, imaging and overall value for money, the smaller LSR305 steals the show".

Mt lsr3series 560

The new JBL LSR 3 Series monitors are reviewed in MusicTech magazine this month where they are praised, in particular, for their ample power, sonic transparency, superb imaging and affordability. The JBL LSR305 also receives the magazine's MusicTech 'Choice' award.

"Given their (LSR308) size, you'd expect these big boys to have a sense of scale - and they don't disappoint. In particular, the bass is fulsome and powerful...".

"We found the midrange particularly impressive. Guitars and vocals come over in a very natural and uncoloured way, with ample detail and very solid focus in the centre of the stereo image. The treble is similarly clear and unhyped. There's ample high-frequency content, but the LSR308s certainly aren't overly bright".

"We were already impressed with the imaging and depth of the LSR308 soundstage. However, the less dominant bass allowed the LSR305's imaging capabilities to shine through even more. At this price, the quality of both is fairly remarkable. Centrally panned mix elements were rock-solid and they remained fixed there when we leaned our heads to one side".

"The transient response of both models impresses, but the LSR305 is the pick of the pair. Complex hat patterns danced across the top of mixes and it was easy to distinguish between the tones of various cymbals".

The full review can be found in the March issue of MusicTech magazine on sale now. The JBL LSR305s and LSR308s are also available now at £129 and £219 RRP each exc vat and delivery.

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