Brno-based production company, Kletch, which specialises in providing sound, lighting, staging and video technology within the Czech Republic, has confirmed an order for JBL’s new VTX V25-II and S25 subs (along with three Crown VRack 4x3500 amplification systems) with territorial distributor, AudioMaster CZ. A longtime HARMAN supporter, Kletch has grown from smaller regional events to larger productions, and is taking advantage of JBL and Crown’s scalable product ranges to grow its inventory accordingly.

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The V25-II line array loudspeaker features a new waveguide for improved long-throw performance and wavefront control, as well as improved power matching with the Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD 4-channel amplifiers, which have also been purchased by the company as part of the same consignment.

Explaining the company’s decision, Kletch’s founder and CEO, Jakub Klecka, said, “We wanted an unrivalled audio system in the Czech Republic to match our leading projection, large screen and LED technologies … something beyond compare. Thanks to the great support of [AudioMaster CZ sales rep] Tomáš Novák we were able to make the decision even before we knew the price of the system.“

Set up in 2011, Kletch stepped up its interest in HARMAN Professional components at the beginning of last year when the company bought its first JBL VRX Constant Curvature loudspeaker system, followed shortly after by a Soundcraft Si Performer 2 digital mixing console. Impressed with the performance, a supplementary JBL PRX700 system was also added to Kletch’s existing PRX setup later the same year.

In fact, Kletch has never looked back after switching to JBL’s PRX platform soon after setting up, according to Klecka—whose first business enterprise had coincided with him reaching his 18th birthday. “PRX was very light and powerful, thanks to the construction, and also the price was right. After that everything just progressed smoothly,” he noted.

This helped Kletch boost its work profile in the trade fair, exhibition, corporate event and concert sectors. However, acquisition of V25-II, with the revolutionary D2 Dual-Diaphragm Dual-Voice-Coil Compression Drivers, moves the company to a different league entirely.

Klecka again reinforced his confidence in the system. “The advantage for us is supplementing the small-scale and mid-scale systems with a large-scale system so that now we have a complete menu to offer,” he said. “And with a complete offer of lighting, projection, truss and filming technology added in, we can definitely anticipate that this will lead to more business.”

“As far as VTX is concerned, we expected reliability, quality and ease of use—and all these features have been delivered, while the distributor’s support has been perfect,” Klecka added. He also admitted that JBL HiQnet Performance Manager™ proved to be a major benefit with system setup.

As for the Crown VRack 4x3500s, Kletch said, “I have found them to be invaluable; without them it would be a completely different system.” The three I-Tech 4x3500HD amplifiers that each VRack comprises, also benefit from the optimised power matching of the new V25-II waveguide.

The first gig with the new system was in Nová Karolína Hall in Ostrava, followed by a spoken-word show at a Velodrom in Brno. But Klecka noted that it is the upcoming open air festival season where the system will really come into its own.

Finally, as the company moves its production values onto a larger scale, Jakub Klecka is confident that this will naturally lead to an investment higher up the Soundcraft chain. “We will certainly need a larger console in the future,” he believes. “As we build demand for the VTX system, the console will be added in due course, according to our customers’ needs.“

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