JBL Professional is pleased to announce the release of the Line Array Calculator 3 and ArrayLink software applications. The updates offer several improvements and enhancements over the previous releases. 

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The LAC3 update includes:

  • New modern user interface
  • New subwoofer prediction mode including generation of delays for electronic delay steering
  • New print preview page that includes the array wiring
  • Full support for the new VTX A12 system
  • Integration support for JBL ArrayLink mobile application
  • Improved measurement functionality with more virtual measurement points and average trace 
  • The number of listening plans has been increased to 24
  • Added the option to add architectual planes
  • Speaker preset selection for more accurate frequency response prediction
  • Updated mechanical engine with real-tie generation of array design factor
  • Various user-friendliness and performance enhancements

JBL Array Link

JBL ArrayLink is a mobile companion app that works in conjunction with JBL’s latest LAC-III software to assist technicians deploying JBL VTX Series line array systems. ArrayLink uses a QR code system to transfer all array mechanical information from the main LAC-III application to a mobile phone – this transfer is done directly and in real time without the need of Internet connection. All relevant rigging information and options are presented in an easy-to-understand layout.

The application is compatible with iOS® and Android and can be obtained from the respective App Stores.