JBL Professional announce new updates for the JBL Tour Audio Software Suite.

HARMAN has released updates to the JBL Line Array Calculator and JBL ArrayLink software applications, introducing new features and improvements.  It is recommended to update both programs to maintain maximum compatability.

Line Array Calculator (LAC) is the simulation software intended for the design and prediction of JBL VTX Line Array systems and their acoustical performance.  Beyond just acoustical prediction,  Line Array Calculator is also used for mechanical validation and the calculation of all weight limits and safety warnings for JBL VTX Systems. 

JBL Array Link is a mobile companion app that works in conjunction with JBL’s latest LAC-III software to assist technicians deploying JBL VTX Series line array systems. Array Link uses a QR code system to transfer all array mechanical information from the main LAC-III application to a mobile phone – this transfer is done directly and in real time without the need of internet connection. All relevant rigging information and options are presented in an easy-to-understand layout. 

JBL Professional Tour Solutions Software Update

Line Array Calculator III v3.3.0

  • Added support for: VTX A8 Base Plate and VTX A8 Mini Frame
  • Added support for ArrayLink version 1.1
  • Improvements in Ground Stack Array mode
  • Improved Zoom functionality in Venue and Mapping modes
  • Added copy/paste venue geometry functionality
  • Added EASE GLL export functionality
  • Replaced print preview functionality with direct PDF export
  • Added SPL coverage shadowing
  • General improvements in Venue Page including the use of tab key to create planes

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved mechanical calculations
  • Fixed the -1dB Array Size Compensation filter position
  • Circuit grouping improvements. When speakers are grouped, only one speaker selection drop-down is shown
  • Addressed dependencies in speaker and accessory weights (A12, A12W, A12-AF, A8, A8-AF)

Details/ReadMe | Update Video | Download

ArrayLink v1.1

  • Added support for the new VTX A8 Mini Frame
  • Support for LAC-3.3
  • Improved support for the VTX V20 DF down fill adapter
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements

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