JBL Performance Manager 2.3 is the next-generation software application designed to configure networked audio systems for corporate and live concert events, as well as systems within performance venues such as theaters and houses of worship.

Using Performance Manager dramatically reduces design time, simplifies networking and automates control interface configuration. The patented workflow paradigm of the Performance Manager interface guides the system designer through the complete system design, configuration and control process and, in many ways, the entire process feels and acts like a simple step-by-step wizard.

Networking has been reduced to a simple drag-and-drop operation, and all test, tuning and calibration control interfaces are embedded – no need to spend time designing control panels. Integration with Rational Acoustics’ world-renowned Smaart® acoustic testing and measurement software provides audio technicians and engineers with unprecedented access to measurement information—all delivered over the network in one screen.

A dedicated show mode provides all the monitoring and control needed to have a complete picture of how the system is performing in real time.

New features in 2.3:

New Speaker Presets for All VTX Line Array Systems

  • New speaker presets for VTX V20, VTX V25-II and VTX Subwoofers
  • Release 2 presets for VTX V20
    • Improved phase response (BiAmp and Normal presets)
    • Improved LF to MF/HF tonal balance for average sized arrays
    • Simplified preset selection options
    • New preset naming conventionNew preset names
    • New FL (FILL) presets for use in fill applications
  • Version 2 presets for VTX V25II
    • Improved HF tonal balance
    • Reduced LF energy below 100Hz on full range presets for better tonal balance
    • Simplified preset selection optionsNew preset naming convention
    • New FL (FILL) presets for use in fill applications
  • VTX Subwoofer presets are now universal and can be used with any VTX system
    • Example: The same VTX S28 80 preset is compatible with both the VTX V20 80, VTX V25-II 80, and any other VTX product

New Multi-Touch Gestures

  • Support for multi-touch input on Windows 10 devices with touch displays
  • Multitouch gestures can be used to navigate the venue (pinch to zoom in and out, double tap to zoom out to the home location, two finger drag navigation and one finger drag item selection)

New Delete Options

  • Delete available via the right-click context menu
  • Press and hold to activate right-click context menu on touch devices

New Keyboard Shortcuts for Test System Mode

  • G=Generator ON/OFF
  • +/- controls the generator level in 5dB steps

New Meters in Run Show Mode

  • Gain reduction meters are now combined into the same meter container as the output meters
  • Output meters move from the bottom up where the gain reduction meters activate from the top down
  • Gain reduction meters display at the top when the meters overlap

Improved UI for Add Speakers Dialogs

  • When a speaker is dragged and dropped directly into the venue, a selection dialog box presents the user with the configuration options for that specific system (example: Suspended Array, Ground Stack, or Distributed Fill)
  • Reworked User Interface for this dialog box to show exact system configuration with the correct speaker images

New Speaker to Amplifier Association Options

  • Press and hold the Control key to select multiple bandpasses (example: L1, L2, M, H)
  • Drag and drop the selected bandpasses to an amplifier
  • All four connections are completed with one drag-and-drop

Updates to Measurement Integration

  • Added Delay Tracking command for the Smaart API
  • Delay Tracking can be switched on and off within Performance Manager for each channel independently
  • Activating Delay Tracking in Performance Manager will activate Delay Tracking in Smaart

Performance Enhancements

  • Addressed some issues with the dbx DriveRack 4800 processor
  • Addressed issues regarding JBL DP-DA powered line array products
  • Addressed a Windows Firewall issue that was preventing Performance Manager from firmware updating Crown Audio I-Tech HD series amplifiers without bypassing the firewall
  • The Firmware Update panel is now HiDPI enabled and can work with Windows display scaling on high resolution displays
  • Fixed a user interface issue with the Input Priority page in Run Show mode in which the ribbon button could change to RED without an input switch
  • Addressed issues related to the Access control feature
  • Fixed broken help file links

Performance Manager 2.3 can be downloaded from the jblpro.com website here