Control 18C/T is a two-way, 8-inch coaxial loudspeaker designed for applications where high fidelity and greater bass response are required

JBL by HARMAN today introduced the Control 18C/T, the first 8-inch model in the popular JBL Control 10 Series of blind-mount ceiling speakers. The Control 18C/T features an 8-inch, low-frequency driver and 1-inch, high-frequency driver, providing high output fidelity with excellent bass and a tight coverage pattern, making it ideal for high-ceiling applications and projects requiring greater levels of bass output.

Control 18C T No Grille

Control 18C/T Series meets the increased market demand for an affordable 8-inch, two-way blind-mount ceiling speaker for higher output level, extended bass response, and a tight and consistent coverage pattern.

“The Control 18C/T is a cost-effective, high-output and high-fidelity ceiling speaker that works in a wide variety of venues, including hotels, ballrooms, casinos, music cafes, lounges, convention centres and much more,” said Rick Kamlet, Senior Manager, Commercial Loudspeakers, HARMAN Professional Solutions.

Control 18C/T ceiling speakers are perfect for applications where the sound needs to project to cover a distance, and where narrow coverage is especially desirable for achieving sonic clarity while minimising disruptive over-splash. The built-in 60 watt multi-tap transformer allows for use on either 70V or 100V distributed lines, and the tap selector can be set for direct 8 ohm operation. Everything needed for most installations is provided, including a C-ring, tile rails for suspended ceilings, grille and paint shield.

The blind-mount design (via the pre-attached back can) allows for quick installation. In addition to included accessories, a new-construction bracket and mud-ring bracket are also available for new-construction hard ceilings.