An audio system featuring HARMAN Professional Solutions components is a key element of the shopper-friendly atmosphere at a new BMW dealership in Stockholm. The system, comprised of Crown amplifiers, dbx processing and JBL loudspeakers, contributes to a relaxing and luxurious environment for shoppers and illustrates HARMAN Professional Solutions’ move toward complete system solutions.

BMWBavaria copy

Fokus Ljud & Bild, a systems contractor based in Täby, Sweden, installed the audio system at the 24,000-square-foot dealership. The facility includes a reception area and new car showroom on the ground floor, with a pre-owned car showroom on the second floor.

“The customer wanted the BMW dealership to reflect the brand’s dedication to quality and luxury in every aspect of the facility, which included the audio system,” said Jacob Syrén, sales manager and project leader for Fokus Ljud & Bild. “From the beginning, management was committed to investing in a high-end sound system to create a pleasant atmosphere that would help stimulate business.”

To ensure complete coverage throughout the facility, Syrén and his crew installed 55 JBL Control 25AV loudspeakers, primarily mounted to the ceilings, plus 19 JBL Control 47LP and 36 JBL Control 47HC ceiling loudspeakers.

Syrén chose each of the loudspeakers based on the architectural constraints of the areas in which they were going to be installed. The JBL Control 25AV is a compact loudspeaker that delivers smooth frequency response and wide coverage. At 5.6 inches deep, the Control 47LP in-ceiling loudspeaker fits into areas with limited above-ceiling clearance, while the Control 47HC features a narrow coverage pattern suited for reverberant spaces and high ceilings. “With just three JBL models, we were able to accommodate all the facility’s loudspeaker requirements and deliver outstanding clarity and fidelity to every area on the two floors,” Syrén noted.

A combination of Crown XLS 1500, XLS 1000, CDi 4000 and CDi 1000 amplifiers power the loudspeakers. A dbx ZonePRO 1260 handles the audio signal processing and control. Specifically designed for commercial audio applications, the ZonePRO 1260 provides gain control, EQ, source selection, routing Ethernet network connectivity and other functions. The dbx ZonePRO Designer software provides an intuitive interface and a setup wizard for quickly configuring all system parameters.

“The dealership’s management is very happy with the sound quality of the HARMAN system, which really makes a difference in creating a pleasant atmosphere at the dealership,” Syrén said. “It’s been proven that atmospherics contribute greatly to the customer experience in retail applications, so it’s important to have the highest-quality audio system to help provide that experience.”

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