Our guide to the JBL All-In-One Portable PA family - EON ONE Compact, EON ONE MK2, PRX ONE
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Our guide to the JBL All-In-One Portable PA family - EON ONE Compact, EON ONE MK2, PRX ONE

With gigging coming back with a vengeance after a brief hiatus in 2020/2021, a portable and powerful PA system brimming with the latest in audio technology might be just what is needed to get the show back on the road and better than ever before.

The new family of all-in-one portable PA systems from JBL combine the expertise of their tour sound pedigree with the consumer-focused, user-friendly design developed for their home audio products. The result is a series of products delivering unmatched technical performance and features, in lightweight and crucially, easy-to-use packages.

Starting from battery-powered solutions such as the EON ONE Compact and EON ONE MK2 Column PA, to the ultra-high-powered PRX ONE with band-level connectivity – there is a speaker in the range to suit any user including solo artists/performers, ensembles, and venues - as well as suit applications in public announcement, mobile fitness, schools, corporate settings and more.

With all products in the range featuring the same renowned JBL build/sound quality, local and remote-controlled digital mixing power, renowned DSP effects from studio-giants Lexicon and dbx, as well as Bluetooth 5.0 audio streaming, what are the key differences between the models, and which one should you consider if you’re looking for your next upgrade?

In this blog, we’re going to run through the offerings in the new range and give you examples as to which product might be better suited to you.


EON ONE Compact, as the name suggests, is the smallest speaker of the bunch - but do not let that fool you, it is still packed-full of tech, has an extremely intelligently designed form-factor, and has enough power to easily broadcast your voice or music to a good-sized crowd.

Featuring a single 8” driver for low-frequencies, 1” tweeter for high-frequencies, and enough power to emit 112dB max output level, the Compact packs a punch that belies its 8kg weight.

Connectivity-wise, the EON ONE Compact has an abundance of useful I/O including 2 Mic/Line inputs (with 48v Phantom Power available), a HI-Z/line ¼" jack input, and a stereo playback source via Bluetooth 5.0 streaming (which supports streaming to multiple devices) or 1/8” stereo jack input. There’s also an 1/8” headphone output for local headphone monitoring as well as a line output pass-through jack for linking multiple units as part of a larger system.

EON ONE Compact also features an on-board digital mixer with powerful DSP and Lexicon Reverb/Chorus/Delay effects that can be controlled on the unit’s interface or controlled wirelessly using a dedicated iOS and Android app. If you’re an artist using iOS and Android devices for lyrics and sheet music already, then within one swipe you can be adjusting the levels of your instruments or changing your Reverb settings! You can even store your entire mix settings and instantly recall them as you move from venue to venue.

The key attribute that makes EON ONE Compact so portable is its built-in battery. With up to 12-hours of battery life and a quick tool-less battery swap feature, EON ONE Compact can be positioned effortlessly and perform in any environment. It can also recharge in 2 and 1/2 hours or be used whilst connected to mains power. There is also the option to purchase an external charger and spare batteries for battery swaps when you’re in the moment and don’t want the jamming to stop!

EON ONE Compact is well suited to singer-songwriters and buskers playing to small audiences/gatherings, but it is also just as at home when used for more recreational activities such as outdoor gyms, yoga, and education where portability and power-to-weight is crucial. When you’re done, it easily fits on a car seat, tube, or bus for the journey home.

Whilst it appears as a traditional wedge-shaped enclosure, EON ONE Compact can be positioned on the floor, on a tabletop, or on a tripod for best coverage at the venue. EON ONE Compact even detects its configuration and changes the speaker tuning to match to ensure you’re always getting renowned JBL sound quality in any orientation.

For more information on how you can completely control EON ONE Compact’s digital mixer wirelessly using your iOS or Android device, check out our YouTube tutorial video.

Where to buy EON ONE Compact in the UK

JBL EON ONE Compact Absolute Music Andertons Gear4Music Guitar Guitar Guitar, Amp & Keyboard Centre Music Matter Professional Music Technology West End DJ


To accompany all models in the new portable PA range, JBL have also developed a range of useful accessories to make your setup and performances slicker than ever. This includes the EON ONE Compact USB Power Cable that utilises EON ONE Compact’s USB charging ports to power guitar pedals or AKG wireless receivers for true, mobile, battery-powered performances (with EON ONE Compact and EON ONE MK2) with minimal cabling and setup time.

Learn More: https://www.soundtech.co.uk/professional-audio/jbl/live-portable-sound/powered-speakers/eon-series/eon-accessories/eon-one-compact-usb-power-cable


EON ONE MK2 is the perfect marriage of the best features of previous EON ONE models and the latest in digital mixing technology to create the most flexible, portable, and powerful option in the EON ONE range to date.

Combining a 5-channel digital mixer with 3 Mic/Line inputs (2 with optional 48v phantom power), Bluetooth 5.0 streaming, as well as audio passthrough and USB charging connectivity alongside JBL's proven column PA technology, the EON ONE MK2 gives you the same high-level of sound reinforcement as the original EON ONE MKI, but now with even more mixing capabilities, improved portability, and battery power.

If you’re unfamiliar with column PAs, then they may seem quite alien to look at! But the EON ONE MK2 system consists of a 10”, low frequency driver unit (that also houses the power amplifier, PSU, and digital mixer) as well as a tall column that contains 8x2” drivers at the very top that handle Mid and High frequency duties.

The line-array is technology developed for high-end, festival-level PA systems and means that EON ONE MK2 features an extremely wide coverage pattern spanning 140° horizontally but only 30° vertically, meaning the audience can hear a clear and focussed sound anywhere in front or to the sides of the PA.

The advantage of this column PA technology is that your sound will travel further in an open space; you can more easily control your sound to avoid obstacles such as low ceilings or beams in smaller spaces; and your sound will reach more people standing to the side of the system when compared to traditional Point-source speakers. Whilst it might appear to be cumbersome having a large column to transport, JBL have split the column into 3 sections that can be packed down into the rear of the bass unit for 1-handed transport in and out of the venue!

EON ONE MK2 can also be controlled wirelessly using an iOS/Android device and the JBL Pro Connect App – allowing the show to be mixed anywhere in the venue by the engineer, A/V Tech or musician in the band, but it also features an even more impressive selection of processing than the EON ONE Compact with the inclusion of Automatic Ducking, Automatic Feedback Suppression, Sub Harmonic Synthesis, as well as Delay effects developed in conjunction with Soundcraft, dbx, and Lexicon.

EON ONE MK2 can also be used with Battery power and features a clever removable Battery design where the lowest spacer on the array contains the Battery. Providing up to 6 hours of battery life during normal use, the battery can also be easily removed and swapped out during an interval or removed from the array and recharged separately at home with an optional charging accessory.

Combined with more output than its predecessor, EON ONE MK2 is an amazing option for solo musicians/ensembles looking for a powerful and portable PA for their live shows or even corporate, education, events and rental companies looking for a versatile speaker during their functions with the option for battery power and wireless control.

Where to buy EON ONE MK2 in the UK

JBL EON ONE MK2-EK Absolute Music Andertons Gear4Music Guitar Guitar Guitar, Amp & Keyboard Centre Music Matter Professional Music Technology The Disc DJ Store West End DJ


At the top of the range is the JBL PRX One. PRX One features a 2000w Class-D amplifier, 12x2.5” HF drivers, a single 12” subwoofer. It also features a wide and consistent coverage pattern of 130°. These elements combine to create the highest-powered offering from the new portable PA family and the perfect choice for larger bands, bigger venues, outdoor venues or rental companies needing ultimate power with maximum portability.

With the extra output power, PRX ONE provides a noticeably higher quality audio output at higher levels, providing the best possible listening experience across the wide audience plane.

To accompany the massive output levels and coverage, the PRX ONE also features impressive mixer connectivity with 4 Mic/Line inputs (2 with optional 48v phantom power), 2 dedicated HI-Z/Line Inputs, a stereo 1/8” input for playback, Bluetooth 5.0 audio streaming connectivity, as well as an XLR output pass through for linking other speakers – plenty of IO for a group of musicians, small band, or multiple presenters at a conference event.

The real power of the PRX ONE comes when you start to delve into the processing available on its internal mixer. Carrying on where the EON ONE MK2 left off, the PRX ONE features the same EQ, Automatic Ducking, Automatic Feedback Suppression, Sub Harmonic Synthesis found in the MK2, but with the addition of dbx Compression on every channel and extensive output EQ on the speaker array. These are features that you would find on a touring-level digital mixing console, but they are built directly into the subwoofer of PRX ONE!

Featuring a full colour LCD screen for navigation and editing of all onboard processing, the PRX ONE can be also controlled wirelessly using the JBL Pro Connect app for iOS and Android devices. That same device running the JBL Pro Connect App can also control multiple PRX ONE’s as well as multiple EON ONE MK2’s for a larger system or multiple-zone setups.

But if all that mixing power seems like a lot to wield, then JBL have thought of that too! Each model in the Portable PA Family features a Triple Tier DSP Control system that tailors all the app GUI and DSP power of the built-in digital mixer to match your experience and knowledge level from beginner views with basic control to advanced views where you get access to the whole suite of premium DSP effects.

With all of that power, you may think that the PRX ONE would be a big beast, but weighing in at only 25.7kg for your mixer, power amp, and speaker system, it’s still a lightweight and portable package for the level of reinforcement you can expect from a flagship, all-in-one portable PA system from JBL.

Where to buy PRX ONE in the UK

JBL PRX ONE Absolute Music Andertons Gear4Music Guitar Guitar Guitar, Amp & Keyboard Centre Music Matter Professional Music Technology West End DJ

Which One Should You Pick?

So, if you’re in the market for a new portable PA and are considering a member of the JBL family, which model from this fine selection should you pick? Regardless of the model, you’re still going to be able to access premium JBL sound/build quality alongside premium built-in DSP mixing capabilities, but which one best suits your application?

If you’re a singer/songwriter or busker who likes to perform wherever inspiration strikes such as the local pub, street corner, or shopping centre, you’re going to need a speaker that is ultra-portable and able to expel sound to a small to mid-sized audience then the EON ONE Compact is your best choice! It’s small enough to carry on the tube but powerful enough to make your voice/instrument heard - being able to be powered all day using a built-in battery is a massive plus too when getting power is an issue! Even if you’re not a musician but instead need a solid speaker for your gym class, corporate presentations, or school sports day – EON ONE Compact is the perfect fit!

If you need enough inputs for just a few microphones/instruments and are playing to a larger audience either indoors or outside, then you may want to consider the EON ONE MK2. It has more I/O than the EON ONE Compact but also has more mixing power available from the JBL Pro Connect App to refine those inputs to give your music the sound quality it deserves. With its line array tech, your audience can span wider and longer distances whilst still being heard and whilst it is a bit heavier than the EON ONE Compact, it will be louder, the sound will travel further/wider, and you can still pack it down into a single box to carry to your gig.

 If you’re a small band, venue, or even rental company looking for something ultra-versatile and with enough power for medium to large audience sizes then the PRX ONE is your best choice as it features more output power, more DSP, and more connectivity than any other speaker in the JBL PPA range – and it’s all controllable using the same cross-platform JBL Pro Connect App that controls both EON ONE MK2 and PRX ONE models.

7 Year Warranty

No matter which EON portable PA option is right for you, they all come with an exceptional 7 year warranty - testament to JBL's faith in the long life and reliability of the EON range.

Training Videos

JBL have produced useful training videos providing you with step-by-step instructions for any issues you may come across, check them out below.

We hope you have found this guide to the JBL All-In-One Portable PA family useful and if you'd like a little more information, please give the video below a watch for a more visual run through of the Portable PA range.

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