JBL Professional have announced the introduction of FIR Tunings for select Control Contractor Series loudspeakers.

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The FIR filters optimie both frequency response and phase response to a finer degree of precision than has typically been possible with standard IIR “parameter-based” filters. Additionally, these FIR filters were designed to meet JBL Pro’s new V6 FIR tuning standard.

V6 Tuning Features:

  • Equalisation to a neutral frequency response.
  • Improved linearised phase response above 300 Hz.
  • Allows users to start with a known flat voicing for further EQing to the needs of the install.
  • Improved signal coherence.
  • Matched gain to allow for smooth system tuning and subwoofer integration.

V6 FIR Tunings For Available Loudspeaker Models:

  • COL600 Slim Column Loudspeaker
  • COL800 Slim Column Loudspeaker
  • SLP12/T Sleek Low Profile Loudspeaker
  • SLP14/T Sleek Low Profile Loudspeaker
  • GSF6 Full Range Loudspeaker
  • GSF8 Full Range Loudspeaker
  • Control 68HP Pendant Loudspeaker

These tunings are for use with Crown DCI-N and DCI-DA power amplifiers. Additional tuning files are expected to be released for Crown CDI DriveCore amplifiers as well.

You can download FIR Tunings and find out more information here.

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