JBL Professional and UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd are pleased to announce the JBL EON One Compact is now compatible with  JBL's latest generation Pro Connect App. The Pro Connect App is comaptible with the new family of JBL portable PA systems - JBL PRX ONE, EON ONE MK2, EON700,  PRX900 and now the EON One Compact. Pro Connect, for iOS and Android, gives you hands-on control over a full-suite of mixer, DSP, and Bluetooth features.  

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From either landscape or portrait viewing modes, the streamlined interface makes it easy to adjust and control every feature on multiple speakers from anywhere in the room.

Whether you’re a seasoned musician, DJ or presenter or just starting out on your live sound journey, JBL Pro Connect makes it easy to tailor your tones for any venue or application.

The JBL Pro Connect App is available for Android and iOS phones and tablets, yo ucan find out more about the App and download the latest installments with the links below:

Download iOS Version Here

Download Android Version Here

How to update your EON One Compact for compatibility

Due to the complexity of this update, the Over-The-Air update feature for the EON One Compact will act in a unique fashion the first time going from or to Please follow the below listed directions for the best experience.

1. Disconnect the Speaker from the previous JBL Compact Connect App.

2. Connect the speaker to the new JBL Pro Connect app version 13.

3. Upon successful connection, JBL Pro Connect will notify the USER that their firmware is out of date and they will be automatically redirected to the firmware update page.

4. In the firmware update page > Check for Update > Download the New FW Version > and Update.

5. Wait for the Over-The-Air Update process to complete.

6. After the Over-The-Air process reaches 100%:

a. The Speaker will reboot.

b. After the reboot the Speaker LED Will Glow Yellow and Green.

c. Wait for Yellow LEDs to Turn Green Completely.

d. This process can take 10-15 minutes to finish. Please be patient and allow it to finish.

7. After the Speaker has rebooted completely, users need to un-pair the speaker from JBL Pro Connect and their phone or tablet’s Bluetooth device menu.

8. Re-pair with the JBL Pro Connect app.

JBL Professional by HARMAN is distributed in the UK and ROI by Sound Technology Ltd. For more information please call 01462 480000 or visit https://www.soundtech.co.uk/professional-audio/jbl.