HARMAN’s JBL Professional has introduced a new simple and intuitive method for controlling its range of Intellivox Beam Shaping (DDS) loudspeaker arrays. The new software is called “Rapid DDS” and can be used with Intellivox DS and DSX ranges. Rapid DDS allows users to manipulate the DDS beam settings directly from WinControl for the first time.

Rapid DDS can be used for rooms which have a flat floor or a simple incline in the audience area, such as a lecture theatre. Users can define where they want coverage to start, where they want coverage to end and what the audience height is. Rapid DDS will then suggest the optimum mounting height for the array and display a vertical cross-section of the beam. Uploading this setting is then as easy as pressing apply. 

The software is not just for commissioning engineers either. It can also be used in offline mode by consultants who wish to use the directivity data for a DS or DSX Intellivox unit in EASE, Catt Acoustic or ODEON. Once an Intellivox has been setup in the RAPID DDS software you are then able to download the directivity file of your choice. 

“Unlike Beam Steering, which is more like a simple point-and-shoot technology, Beam Shaping allows users to create a tailor made dispersion pattern that perfectly suits the shape of the audience plane while avoiding hard reflective surfaces,” said Nick Screen, Intellivox Sales Director, JBL Professional. ”Rapid DDS will allow commissioning engineers and consultants access to a faster, simpler and more intuitive software interface for Intellivox DS and DSX ranges. This will not only save them time but will also make the products accessible to a much wider audience.” 

The new Rapid DDS software is part of the latest WinControl install set which can be downloaded from the JBL Pro website.