HARMAN UK/ROI distributor Sound Technology Ltd is pleased to announce immediate shipping of the new JBL Professional AWC Series compact co-axial all-weather loudspeakers.

JBL Professional AWC is a line of compact, co-axial all-weather loudspeakers carrying a very high IP-56 rating. There are two models which can be operated either low-impedance or from a built-in transformer for distributed systems. The AWC82 is a very compact 2-way 8” coax. 250 Watts, with a built-in transformer. It has a very wide 120 by 120 degree coverage. AWC129 is only slightly bigger, with a 12” coax, 400 Watts, and a more focused 90 x 90 degree coverage.

Awc 560

Above: JBL AWC82 in Black and AWC129 in Light Grey. Both have a paintable finish.

Advanced Drivers

The drivers are based on the superb-sounding co-axial driver technology from JBL’s Control 300 large-format Series. They have a high degree of pattern control because the centre of the pole piece and the woofer cone act together to form a large-diameter horn to precisely control the high frequencies.The compression driver in both models is a new model with patented design and liquid-cooling.

Awc cone

Above: JBL AWC driver

Frequency Response

The AWC82 has a slightly higher power handling (250W) and a higher IP outdoor rating than existing comparable solutions. It has more bass extension, which can be important when you’re putting music through the system, with a flatter, higher-fidelity frequency response. You can see on the graph above that there is a gently rising high-frequency pre-emphasis. That helps the sound to cut through outdoors where there is often a lot of ambient sound. Because the response is so well-behaved, if you want a very flat studio-type response, you can easily bring down the pre-emphasis with an EQ.

Awc req

Above: JBL AWC82 frequency response

Constant Beamwidth

The AWC82 beamwidth chart below shows the consistency of the pattern control. The coverage of AWC82 is stated as being 120 degrees (conical) and as you can see, it is indeed 120 degrees all the way from 800 Hz up to 8 kHz, plus or minus just a few degrees at any particular frequency. This results in everyone in the listening area hearing the same sound.

Awc beamwidth

Above: JBL AWC82 beamwidth chart showing excellent pattern control

The AWC129 stated coverage is 90 x 90 degrees and you can see that it is indeed that, plus or minus 10 degrees, from 800 Hz through 8 kHz. By contrast, competitive speakers in this category have coverage that jumps around substantially, especially in the midrange. It is inconsistent, which means that listeners will hear a different sound character depending on where they are located in the speaker’s claimed coverage pattern.

Awc 129beamwidth

Above: JBL AWC129 beamwidth chart

Seal and Finish

The input terminal compartment come with a cover to seal it and a gland nut forms a water-tight entrance. They come in either light-grey or black, and unlike many speakers in this category that are made of polyethylene, these speakers are paintable.

Awc seal

Above: JBL AWC Series feature a high outdoor rating

AW and AWC Family

The AWC models are an extension of the full-size AW speakers, making for a complete line of speakers dedicated for outdoor all-weather applications, such as stadia, racecourses, theme parks and more.

Pricing and Availability

JBL AWC models are available now priced at £505 list ex VAT and £945 list ex VAT for the AWC82 and AWC129 respectively. Both are installed for listening test in our Demonstration Facility at our offices in Letchworth Garden City.

For more information please refer to the resources below and call Sound Technology Ltd on 01462 480000.