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VLA Series

The JBL Variable Line Array (VLA) Series is a revolutionary product providing high-impact sound reinforcement at throw distances beyond the reach of traditional loudspeaker designs. The modular design concept provides the system designer the ability to build large line array systems for larger venue applications or to design smaller line array systems for use as distributed clusters in arenas, domed stadiums and larger performance spaces.

JBL VLA Series is designed specifically for permanent installation applications where even coverage, high intelligibility, and very high sound-pressure levels are required.JBL VLA Series modules are based on the same advanced engineering used in the highly successful VERTEC® Series line array systems. JBL VLA Series goes one step further than VERTEC by providing six large format horn-loaded modules with three horizontal horn coverage patterns (30, 60, & 90 degrees). This horn-loaded modular concept, based on the JBL Precision Directivity Series® technology, provides the designer additional flexibility to vary the horizontal pattern within a vertical array by incorporating different modules with wider or narrower coverage patterns while still maintaining vertical directivity.The JBL VLA Series uses JBL proven technology components. The mid and high frequency sections are horn-loaded for maximum sensitivity and optimum pattern control. The midrange section features the patented technology of the CMCD82H 200 mm (8 in) cone midrange compression driver with dual 75 mm (3 in) voice coils consisting of a driver/phasing plug assembly providing high output with low distortion. The high-frequency section features the 2431H 38 mm (1.5 in) throat diameter 75 mm (3 in) aluminium diaphragm, neodymium high-frequency drivers. The low-frequency section utilizes the 2226H 380 mm (15 in) driver with a 100 mm (4 in) voice coil.Enclosures feature 16mm (5/8-inch) exterior grade 11-ply birch plywood. Grills are powder coated 14 gauge acoustically transparent perforated steel. For outdoor applications JBL offers two standard levels of weather resistance. WRC is for outdoor placement where the loudspeaker will be sheltered from direct exposure. WRX is for direct exposure or more extreme environments.