VLA C2100

Two-Way Full Range Dual 10”Array Module

SRP £5,015.00 + VAT

The Variable Line Array (VLA) Compact Series is a family of three loudspeaker array modules designed to fill the needs of system designers for applications requiring a more compact line array solution with weather protection for stadia and arenas or any other project in need of compact line arrays. There are two dual 10” full-range models with two horizontal coverage patterns and one dual 15” subwoofer. The modular design concept provides the system designer the ability to build large line array systems for larger venue applications or to design smaller line array systems for use as distributed clusters in arenas, domed stadiums and larger performance spaces, including large houses-of-worship.

VLA is designed specifically for permanent installation applications where even coverage, intelligibility, and high sound pressure levels are required.

VLA Compact modules are based on the same advanced engineering used in the highly successful VLA Series line array systems. VLA Compact utilizes the same concept as VLA by providing large format horn-loaded modules with horizontal horn coverage patterns (100° & 65°). This modular concept provides the designer the flexibility to optimize the horizontal pattern of the line array system by incorporating the appropriate module within the array while still maintaining the vertical directivity.

The VLA-C2100 uses JBL proven technology components. The high frequency section is horn-loaded for maximum sensitivity and optimum pattern control and features three D2415 drivers featuring 1.5” diameter annular diaphragms, 1.5” voice coils, and neodymium motors.

The low-frequency section utilizes dual 2261 10” Differential Drive® 3” voicecoil drivers.

Enclosures feature multi-layer reinforced fiberglass and steel end-panels. Grilles are zinc plated, powder coated 14 gauge perforated steel with acoustically transparent black grill cloth backing and a hydrophobic mesh underlayer, waterproof rail system. The rigging system is inherent to the design of the system.

Inter-box angles are selected when the array is assembled. Other accessories include a rigging frame, pull-back bar, and a cardioid kit for the subs.

  • Compact line array optimized for permanent install applications.
  • Advanced technology component transducers for low weight and high output.
  • Outdoor IP55 rated enclosure for protection from dust and water.
  • Comprehensive rigging points for creating a line array configuration.
  • Fiberglass box construction and weatherized components.
  • Stadiums
  • Arenas
  • Themed Entertainment
  • Venues
  • Cruise Ships
  • Performing Arts Facilities
  • Theatrical Sound Design
  • Auditoriums
  • Worship Facilities
  • Live Clubs
  • Dance Club
Frequency Range (-10dB)75 Hz to 20 kHz
Horizontal Coverage100 degrees nominal
Vertical CoverageUp to 15 degree splay angle between modules. Overall vertical coverage dependent on array configuration.
System Input Power RatingPassive: 800W program into 8 ohm nominal
Low-Frequency Driver2x 2261, 10” diameter, dual 3” diameter voice coil, Neodymium differential drive
High-Frequency Driver3x D2415, dual 1.5” diameter annular diaphragm, 1.5” voice coil, Neodymium motor
Enclosure ConstructionMulti-layer reinforced Fiberglass, steel end-panels
IP RatingIP55 EN (60529)
UV Rating6 (ISO105-B01)
SuspensionSteel plate with hex drive stainless steel M10 bolts
Inter-enclosure angle7.5, 10, 12.5, 15
GrilleZinc plated, powder coated 14 gauge perforated steel with acoustically transparent black grill cloth backing and hydrophobic mesh underlayer, waterproof rail system. Connectors
TypeScrew down terminal for bare wire or spade termination
Dimensions (H x W x D)381 x 848.4 x 459.7 mm
Weight40.0 kg (88.0 lbs)