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Control Contractor 40 Series is line of premium, in-ceiling, specialty loudspeakers that combine outstanding pattern control and consistent coverage with superior sonic performance. Featuring JBL's propriet° conical Radiation Boundary Integratorr (RBIT) technology adapted from the groundbreaking VerTecr Series line array loudspeakers, the Control 40 series includes five models. The Control 47C/T features extended bass performance with a wide 120??? of coverage that allows fewer speakers to cover a large space; the Control 47LP, a low-profile model for locations with limited above-ceiling clearance; the Control 47HC, a high-ceiling model with narrow coverage; the Control 40 CS/T, a subwoofer with built-in passive crossover; and the Control 42C, an ultra-compact, in-ceiling satellite speaker. Unmatched in its class and built on over 60 years of JBL loudspeaker design, the Control Contractor 40 Series delivers outstanding performance and reliability housed in an elegant industrial design.