Control 300 Series

Combining optimal sound performance with easy-to-design, flexible installation options, the Control 300 Series is the flagship speaker system of our Control Contractor line.

With six full-range, Constant Directivity, true point-source coax design models that feature 8" and 12" drivers, multiple power levels and transformer choices, plus a 12" in-ceiling subwoofer, the Control 300 Series large-format in-ceiling loudspeakers offer the versatility to fulfil any architectural, aesthetic and system performance requirements.

In addition to superb sonic clarity from Kevlar-reinforced cones, low-saturation transformers and our legendary JBL compression drivers, the Control 300 Series features JBL’s conical Constant Coverage waveguide design that provides exceptional, consistent sound quality across the listening area.

Designed to be easy to install, mixed with unmatched sound performance and premium accessories (sold separately), the Control 300 Series represents a state-of-the-art solution for in-ceiling loudspeaker systems.