The December 2012 edition of Lighting & Sound International includes an article entitled "Alt-J's touching performance" which describes how FOH engineer Johnny Dodkin and monitor engineer Will Doyle are sharing a single Soundcraft Vi1 digital console, controlled via three iPads simultaneouslyrunning the Soundcraft ViSi Remote App for Mercury Prize winners Alt-J's live shows.

"We're big [Soundcraft] Vi1 fans; using the Soundcraft ViSi Remote we are able to run FOH and monitors off of the same console." explains Will Doyle.

Soundcraft's ViSi Remote works with multiple iPads, and there are three running on this gig; one at FOH for Dodkin; one for Doyle who can normally be found somewhere on the stage: and one for Gus Unger-Hamilton, Alt-Js keyboard player, and the only band member that the engineers trust to use it!

Alt j vi1 visi 1