"These new models represent well-judged and very competitive additions to AKG's line of headphones".

Sos 612 712 560

Continuing the success of its K702 headphone line, AKG recently introduced the K612PRO reference class and K712PRO reference studio headphones. Sound On Sound review both models in the latest issue of the magazine.

"To my ears, the K612s sound and feel very similar indeed to the existing K702s, which is an impressive achievement considering that the former are much more affordable. There are not many headphones at this price that I'd be happy to use for crucial mixing and editing decisions, so it's clear that these represent excellent value for money".

"...the K712s are more revealing of detail in the mix. It is, for instance, significantly easier to get a handle on the character of different reverb patches through the K712s, and you are less likely to be distracted by tape hiss. The K712s are also a little more sensitive than the K612s, making it easier to drive them loud".

"Perhaps the biggest improvement though, lies in the way the K712s present bass instruments. These headphones are really adept at putting across the bottom end of a mix...it's the way in which bass guitars, synths and kick drums are articulated that really grabs the ear. The sound is muscular and fast yet balanced, making it easy to distinuish different low-frequency mix elements".

"...if you're in the market for a serious pair of open-backed headphones for mixing, they should certainly be auditioned".

The full review can be found in the November issue (Vol 29, Issue 1) of Sound On Sound magazine. The AKG K612 PRO and K712 PRO headphones are available now at £149 and £379 RRP inc VAT respectively.

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