V1.1 build 6 is the first feature release for the Soundcraft Si Performer console. It includes a great number of new features plus a couple of bug fixes and is considered an essential update for all Si Performer owners.


New features in Si Performer are:

• HPF added to all mix bus outputs, (not L&R, MONO or MTX) this works with copy/paste and the EQ curve as expected. A global isolate for the mix bus HPF control has been added to the global isolate list in the EDIT SHOW menu.

• L&R balance added, when L&R is SELected the pan on the ACS acts as a balance control attenuating the 'opposite' side by up to 6dB. A global isolate for the L&R balance control has been added to the global isolate list in the EDIT SHOW menu.

• Monitor volume, default is still 'off' but the last used level is recalled following a power cycle.

• Option slots 1 and 2 both work with stageboxes.

• Function Focus for Fader Follow now works on the mix keys to pop-up the name of the bus you are mixing to so if you do pick the wrong one it's quicker to find the right one!

• Delay changes from samples to ms at 48 samples.

• Cue list colours added to ease navigation and align with Vi series; current (active) cue is green, the 'next' cue is white and all others are grey.

• Support added for the 'soon to be released' Multi-Digital USB/FireWire/ADAT card.

• When using a Vi stagebox, automatic PAD management now auto switches between 12 and 13 dB to reduce mic noise when used with Vi stageboxes.

• Fader Setup uses the same SELect as the main channel selects.

• Cue list filtering for Audio, DMX or AUDIO & DMX added. New icons in the cue list view and option in the EDIT CUE menu allow cues to be marked as Audio (no DMX automation data is replayed in the cue), DMX (no audio automation data is replayed in the cue) or Audio and DMX when all stored automation data is replayed.

• Tap delay can be 'tapped' up to 5s or the maximum of any given FX patch whichever is 'lower'.

Bugs Fixed in V1.1 Build 6

• Console may hang if toggling L&R or matrix master isolate ON/OFF.

• Console may hang if pressing CLR and a random selection of keys.

• Scroll encoder may select an ‘unavailable’ item in the patch list view.