The latest issue of Pro Sound News Europe contains a great interview with engineering legend Roger Lindsay regarding the recent Jesus Christ Superstar shows. AKG C 544 L headset mics were used for the show, in the interview Roger explains why.

"One of the big problems was microphone choices. With 40 singers, all on headsets, I needed something that was rock solid. Typically, the mics that I'd been led to believe were normal in the theatre, weren't going to work here. I was worried that I was going to enter a gunfight with a knife! I wanted something that would deliver enough weight and gain before feedback, and give me a fat enough sound. I was less concerned about physical appearance and more concerned about having a mic that worked. I didn't know if such a mic existed.

"We had a shoot-out, a blind test at SSE HQ. The outcome amazed us. The AKG we chose - the C544L - was way ahead of the rest. It's a big and sturdy condenser headset, great for this application. There was some opposition at first because they don't look pretty. But it was Andrew [Lloyd-Webber] who resolved it - he said, it's a rock show, the audience will expect to see mics, that's what you need to do the job.

"Throughout the tour, there's been no redundancy and no failures. We just bend them to shape and off we go."

Psne jcss 560

All AKG mics were supplied by SSE Audio.

Read the whole interview in the December 2012 edition of Pro Sound News Europe which is available in full online here.

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