"A super-classy set of effect algorithms that further enhance Lexicon's reputation."

The latest (July 2011) issue of Future Music magazine contains a superb review of Lexicon's new PCM Native Effects plug-in bundle.

Following Lexicon's universally acclaimed PCM Native Reverb plug-in bundle which in Future Music's own words "blew us away", the new PCM Native Effects plug-in bundle contains seven of the non-reverb PCM effects algorithms. Effect algorithms included are Pitch Shift, MultiVoice Pitch, Chorus, Resonant Chords, Random Delay, Dual Delay, Stringbox.

Future Music examines the new bundle and delivers a Platinum Award verdict.

"The suite is wonderful, balancing immediacy with truly tweakable results for those who want to dive deep into the parameters offers."

"The sonic results are impeccable and will enhance the mix standard of productions in any musical style you care to imagine. Another huge Lexicon hit."

Lexicon PCM Native Effects Bundle - £730 + VAT
Lexicon PCM Total Bundle (Reverb + Effects combined) - £1465 + VAT
Lexicon Total Bundle Upgrade from PCM Native Reverb - £335 + VAT
Buy Upgrade from PCM Native Reverb here

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