With the Soundcraft® Multi Digital card installed in a console, live recording couldn't be simpler! Standard mic/line input sources can be recorded through an Si Compact, Performer or Expression Console via the multi-digital card to a DAW or similar. This simple yet powerful solution is suitable for recording live gigs but is equally at home in the studio.


The Multi Digital card offers digital audio connection between an Si Series* console and Apple® Mac® enabled with Firewire (1394), or PC enabled with USB or Firewire. Audio capability across the Firewire or USB link is 32 channels in and 32 channels out at 48KHz. In addition to the Firewire/USB ports, the Multi Digital card provides 8 further channels of ADAT in and out at 48KHz. These additional channels expand the connectivity further for functions such as input or output expansion with any ADAT-compatible I/O device.

Connection and setup of the card to a PC is made simple with the use of the Soundcraft digital audio driver and associated control panel which can be downloaded from the Si Expression webpage at http://www.soundcraft.com/products/product.aspx?pid=191.

Firewire connection to a Mac requires no software or drivers.

*excluding Si1,2,3 or '+' plus variants