Experienced end-to-end content and systems providers, tsg Media are increasingly finding the combination of BSS Soundweb London DSP and Crown amplification a winning one, as they seek packaged audio solutions that are both dependable and intuitive for their customers in the bar, restaurant, retail and leisure sectors. The Midlands based company recently completed a prestigious fit-out, aided by these premium audio tools, supplied by Harman Professional’s UK and Eire distributors, Sound Technology Ltd.

As part of a £7m redevelopment of the food court at Meadowhall Centre, Sheffield, into the rebranded Oasis Dining Quarter, tsg Media were introduced to help the operators accommodate a greater number of dining experiences tied into a branded integrated design, around the main central circular area.

The brief to tsg Media Operations Director, Ivan Marsden, was to vastly improve the existing sound, since it had been tied to the PA/VA, and was attempting to play music through a system essentially designed for voice messages. As part of the new fit out, the operators also wanted the old large format video screen removed and a new mezzanine level added.

Given full music system autonomy with the new specification, and faced with an inherently high reverberation time in the open, circular food court, Stevenson knew that deployment of BSS Soundweb London DSP would provide much of the solution. As a trained acoustician, with vast experience of working with several generations of Soundweb devices, he knew that judicious programming of the system gain structure and delays would do much to tame the building’s reverberance once the RT calculations were applied.

Tasked with providing evenly distributed sound across three zones (the general area, the portable stage and the mezzanine) he specified a pair of cost-effective Soundweb London BLU-100 devices, with fixed 12-in/8-out configuration, adding remote BLU-8 touch controllers in both the control room and at the stage, with a simple BLU-3 wall panel for level and source select at mezzanine level. For his power he opted for a combination of Crown CTs 2000, 1200 and 600 amps.

With different EQ/delay parameters preset for the respective zones, music pumped out from their own tsg promedia ams system and tsg ProMedia TLF solid state music player, programmed over the internet, has resulted in a remarkable upgrade that has already received many plaudits.

“BSS and Crown tools are part of my armoury — and what I go into battle with every day,” he summarised. “Individually they are great but they work particularly well together.

“We were working on a tight budget and by using BSS Audio’s BLU-Link [a 256-channel, fault-tolerant bus] and standard, inexpensive Cat5 cable, we were also able to save around £12K on conventional cabling alone. As for Crown, I know it will go on working forever and a day … it’s totally reliable.'