'First and foremost, the LXP sounds like a true Lexicon thoroughbred, producing a distinctive polished reverb that sits in the mix in an almost effortless way.'

The September 2010 issue of MusicTech Magazine contains a superb review of the new Lexicon LXP native reverb plug-in. With the flagship PCM reverb scoring an impressive 9/10, the LXP version featuring four of the seven algorithms from the PCM in a more affordable package also scores 9/10.

In terms of audio results the review praises the pure Lexicon sound: 'Whether it's a short reflective room for a pair of drum overheads or a long and dark reverb across a piano, the LXP reverb delivers high-class results with little efforts.'

The review also notes how light the plug-in is on CPU resources 'especially as you push the Hall algorithm right up to its 92-second reverb option and activate the attractive real-time multiband graphic display.'

The final verdict reads 'The LXP Native Reverb delivers studio-grade results that put many reverb plug-ins to shame. an ideal choice for this who loved the sound of the PCM Native Reverb bundle but not its price tag! Most importantly, though, once you've used the LXP on a mix, it's a hard sound to give up ...'

The Lexicon LXP Native Reverb plug-in is available now priced at RRP £480 ex VAT.

Download a 14-day demo (iLok required) from http://www.lexiconpro.com/static.php?id=68