“It is inevitable – we needed a decent reverb plug-in with a known name for a good price, and this is it. With its own sound colour, it is an excuse to buy into even if you could choose to have a classic unit second hand or one of Lexicon’s new hardwire units”.

Back in April last year Audio Media magazine gave the Lexicon PCM Native Reverb an amazing review, praising the sound quality in particular extremely highly. In the latest issue of the magazine Simon Allen tests the lower-priced Lexicon LXP Native Reverb Bundle.

“The LXP plug-in bundle has four of Lexicon’s classic reverbs: Room, Hall Chamber, and Plate. There are over 200 excellent presets that come with the bundle and they are organised into small, medium, and large, except for the Hall plug-in that has small spaces, small halls, medium halls, large halls, and huge halls”.

“A major advantage of having this plug-in is the ability to access a really great sounding reverb from within the box immediately without having to wire in some hardware”.

“It is apparent that even with the humongous hall reverbs the LXP offers, they do sound huge without taking over and swamping the mix. It’s this clarity and space that gives it that typical Lexicon sound, immediately giving your mix its ‘picture’”.

“For me, the most special thing that I heard when using the LXP is its coherent behaviour and sound across all algorithms and presets…This is a true success when it comes to sound quality. You really can have that Lexicon sound in-the-box”.

To read the full review, pick up the December Issue of Audio Media Magazine (Issue 241). The Lexicon LXP Native Reverb Plug-In Bundle is available now at £564 RRP.

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