HARMAN’s AKG K612PRO and K712PRO headphones have steadily found their way into the studios of the professional music industry’s most talented producers, engineers and amateurs alike, thanks to their outstanding performance and a comfortable design that allows hours of non-stop mixing and recording.

K612PRO 560

Photo above: AKG K612PRO - Click for hi-res version

“K612PRO and K712PRO were designed with content producing professionals in mind,” stated Philipp Schuster, Product Line Manager Headphones. “We studied producers’ needs in terms of sound, comfort and aesthetics. The end result is a pair of headphones that proudly follow in the footsteps of the legendary AKG K702’s. The value, durability and tone of the K612PRO and K712PRO have been meeting and exceeding the demands and expectations of producers as they continue to rely on AKG for the perfect mix.”

K712PRO 560

Photo above: AKG K712PRO - Click for hi-res version

The K612PRO is an open-back, circumaural dynamic headphone that delivers brilliant details for a full, spacious sound. The headphone’s lightweight, self-adjusting glove-leather headband with aluminium arches and solid rivets provides maximum comfort, and reinforces the quality AKG has provided the studio engineer for decades.

The K712PRO is AKG’s new top-of-the-line reference headphone, while the K702 slots between it and the K612PRO. The K712PRO features pre-selected transducers that provide consistency and accurate localisation. Its sophisticated open-back design, 3dB improved low-end performance, and revolutionary flat wire voice coil provide mastering and mixing professionals the performance they need to deliver the best possible results, while its genuine soft leather headband and light weight provide a comfortable fit for hours of fatigue-free work. Included with the headphones are an additional coiled cable and a premium carrying bag.

For information on the K612PRO, please visit http://www.akg.com/K612+PRO-827.html?pid=1407. For the K712PRO, http://www.akg.com/K712+PRO-827.html?pid=1408.