Sound Technology Ltd, the Harman Pro distributor in the UK and ROI, are pleased to announce the purchase and deployment of a JBL VRX line array PA system and 60 channel AKG digital wireless system for major conference sound applications by Cambridge-based Professional Audio-Visual (Cambridge) Ltd (Pro-Av).

The company has come a long way since being set up by Paul Kent in 1995, having developed into an operation turning over £1 million per annum in equipment hire and technical services.

Along the way the company moved to new headquarters on a one-acre site near Stansted Airport, from where it services corporate conferences and awards presentations throughout the world, backed up by a cutting-edge inventory of sound systems, stage sets, staging, cameras, lighting and computer based presentations.

The company has now further augmented this with the acquisitions of a new JBL VRX Line Array sound rig and 60 channels of AKG’s DMS 700 flagship digital wireless system as part of a major investment in staging services.

The company chose their acquisitions carefully before placing their first order for the Harman Pro equipment through reseller CoNi.

The JBL line array system, comprising eight VRX 932LAP 12" 2-way systems and four 18” VRX918SP 18in sub bass, was chosen after testing several alternatives. Many rigs were unsuitable as being “too rock and roll”, believes Paul Kent. “However, the JBL system hit the spot, as it is easy to set up and produces an ideal conference sound, for high sound pressure levels needed at awards and larger scale events. On top of that, the quality and finish of the units is exceptional.”

He also liked the fact that the VRX system is powered by Crown amplification — mindful of the outstanding reputation the brand has enjoyed for build quality and reliability dating back to the 1970’s.

Pro-Av also purchased eight of the new JBL PRX 600 powered speakers to supplement the VRX system — which will be used for conventional sound reinforcement at smaller events. “These units have incredible build quality and are also powered by Crown,” appraises Kent.

Pro-Av were also delighted with the debut of their new AKG DMS700 digital wireless system, the flagship of AKG’s range and already capable of operating on the future-proof Channel 38. “As one of the first companies to offer digital microphone systems, this gives the ability to run up to 100 systems at a time, in close proximity.”

The new kit was debuted in January on the island of Tenerife, for an international sales conference attended by over 1000 people, hosted by a major pharmaceutical company.

Pro-Av equipped the main Magma conference venue with all equipment and technical back up for an outstanding event, at the same time providing additional audio-visual support to a further 82 conference rooms spread across six other hotels on the Island — which was some logistical feat.

“We have invested in people, infrastructure and up to date equipment technology to the tune of some £600,000 over the last four years,” says Pro-Av’s MD. “We are poised to increase market share this year, with many new contracts already in the diary.”

For more information or to arrange a demo of either JBL VRX or AKG DMS700 please contact Sound Technology Ltd on 01462 480000.

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