Sound Technology Ltd, the HARMAN Professional distributor in the UK/ROI, is pleased to present its audio solutions for Houses of Worship at its pro audio demo facility in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire,on Thursday 18th July.

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Operating in typically very demanding acoustic environments, audio systems for Houses of Worship require professional solutions that combine clarity, flexibility, ease of use - and frequently require discrete placement of speakers.

With JBL Professional loudspeakers, Crown amplification, BSS networking, Soundcraft mixers and AKG microphones, HARMAN solutions provide complete end-to-end systems delivering guaranteed results for these applications.

The demonstration day at Sound Technology's custom designed facility will be an opportunity for installers and consultants to see and most importantly hear all the latest specific solutions for Houses of Worship.

Of particular interest will be JBL's CBT Constant Beamwidth technology passive line array columns - which are designed specifically for difficult acoustic spaces. The CBT range represents a breakthrough in pattern control consistency, utilising complex analogue delay beam-forming and amplitude tapering to accomplish superior, consistent vertical pattern control. Asymmetrical vertical coverage sends more sound towards the far area of a room, making front-to-back sound level more consistent. As passive solutions they are far more affordable than DSP-driven active solutions.

Also on demonstration will be the entire Crown amplifiers range, Soundcraft Si Expression digital consoles, AKG gooseneck, choir and radio microphones, BSS Soundweb London network processors and dbx ZonePro network processors.

The event is free but registration is required.

For more information on our solutions please see the information below or call us on 01462 480000.


JBL CBT Constant Beamwidth Technology
Cbt 180

If there is one speaker that needs to be on your "must consider" list for a house of worship installation, it is JBL's CBT range. Since its launch CBT has proved itself as the perfect solution for all number of installations thanks toits highly controlled coverage pattern to avoid reflections and increase intelligibility, superb full-range audio quality, and a price that makes it highly affordable on a project. CBT isan essential speaker for any application involving difficult acoustic spaces.

CBT Application Examples

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JBL Control 52
C52 180

Where discretion is the key, JBL's Control 52 speakers deliver clear, intelligible audio in a tiny easily-mountable form factor. Available in black or white (and paintable to any colour),Control 52s are even small enough to be mounted beneath pews or other seating.

Control 52 Application Example

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Crown Audio
CT Stack Angled 560px

Ideal for powering the JBL speakers is Harman's sister company Crown Audio - a world leader in amplifiers. Using next generation technology these amplifiers provide clean, energy-efficient power and provide renowned reliability.

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Audio Networking and Processing

BSS Soundweb London
BLU 100front 560

Allowing fully configurable audio routing and DSP processing, BSS Soundweb London is the ultimate audio networking platform. Used in thousands of installations worldwide Soundweb London can handleaudio systems of any scale with superb sound quality and incredible flexibility.

Soundweb Application Examples

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dbx ZonePro
Zp 560

Where fully-configurable solutions are not necessary, the fixed I/O dbx ZonePro range provides highly accomplished and easy-to-use networking and processing and with equally high quality audio.

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Soundcraft Mixing Consoles
Siex 560
Efx 180

Soundcraft's new Si Expression series of digital consoles resets expectations for a quality digital mixer at a price range starting at £2299 inc VAT. Combining all the benefits of digital mixing with Soundcraft's renowned quality and easy to use hands on layout. For simpler installations, Soundcraft EFX range provides affordable, high quality mixing.

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AKG Digital Automatic Mixers
DMM6 560

For some applications, AKG's new digital Automatic Mixers provide the perfect solution.The DMM6, for example, offers automatic mixing of 6 microphones or line level signals.Itoffers a high signal-to-noise ratio and at the same time reduces noise from multiple open microphones to a minimum. Numerous DSP functions like filters,compressor/limiter and routing make the DMM6 a good fit in a variety of spoken word applications.

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AKG Fixed Installation and Radio Microphones
Wms450 560


AKG's range of microphones cover everything from simple yet high quality goosenecks, to hanging choir mics, to radio microphones. Throughout its 65 year history, AKG's microphone capsule technology is heralded as amongst the verybest.

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