HARMAN’S New JBL HiQnet Performance Manager™ Version 1.5 Puts The Power Of One Platform, One Programming Interface And One Point Of Accountability In The Hands Of Live Sound System Professionals

HARMAN Professional today introduced JBL HiQnet Performance Manager™ version 1.5, a significant upgrade confirming the software application as the professional AV industry’s most comprehensive, uniform and useful live sound system configuration and control tool. This newest iteration adds support for more JBL loudspeakers, provides enhanced cardioid subwoofer array support, and broadens the capability to create custom, mixed-model racks of Crown amplifiers.


JBL HiQnet Performance Manager offers touring and performance-venue installation professionals a true workflow-based user experience for designing, deploying and controlling any configuration of HiQnet live performance systems. New to version 1.5 is support for JBL Professional’s VRX Series Constant Curvature loudspeakers, including a new generation of V5 DSP presets providing significant performance enhancements by leveraging the BSS Audio OMNIDRIVE HD™ linear phase FIR processing capability of Crown I-Tech HD DSP power amplifiers. VRX V5 presets provide dramatic improvements in on-axis and power response due to the use of higher-order asymmetric filters, superior sound quality through the use of arbitrary coefficient FIR phase linearization, and the advanced system protection benefits of Crown’s LevelMAX™ limiter suite. In addition, the refined tonal balance consistency introduced in the new V5 presets makes the VRX Series compatible with VTX and VERTEC Series V5 processing, allowing VRX enclosures to be effectively used as a fill system complement for tour sound and portable rental applications. The VRX Series V5 Preset Data includes bi-amp (2-way) and passive processing options for VRX928LA, VRX932LA-1 and VRX915M models including 2-way and 3-way options for use with VRX915S and VRX918S subwoofers.

JBL HiQnet Performance Manager also introduces JBL V5 Preset updates for VERTEC Series compact and subcompact models VT4887A/VT4887, VT4886 and VT4883. The new V5 preset release similarly enhances a number of performance attributes of JBL VERTEC VT4887A, VT4887 and VT4886 line array loudspeakers with cardioid subwoofer processing introduced for all VERTEC subwoofers including VT4883, VT4882, VT4881A, VT4880 and VT4880A models. JBL STX Series passive portable PA loudspeakers are also supported in Performance Manager version 1.5, providing an even greater set of sound design tools for complementary fill speaker purposes and medium- to small-format Front-of-House system design applications.

For enhanced configuration flexibility, custom racks can now be designed with mixed Crown amplifier models and can include any number of Crown amplifiers up to a total of eight. Additionally, a new amplifier sleep-mode utility that greatly reduces the system’s AC current draw when not in use can now be controlled through Performance Manager.

Commenting on the launch of JBL HiQnet Performance Manager 1.5, Paul Bauman, Senior Manager – Tour Sound for JBL Professional, noted, “Because Performance Manager is the direct result of customer input and objectives, we are now able to provide the most efficient and goal-oriented software application of its kind. With the embedded system intelligence upon which the Performance Manager user interface is based, it can benefit from ongoing exponential improvements in software technology. Today’s introduction features improvements in a wide array of product areas, backed by our continued commitment to training and support. As we make JBL tour sound products sound better with a new generation of V5 processing, and easier to use in the field via Performance Manager, we are providing our customers with a serious competitive edge while also enabling them to achieve the best possible results.”

The powerful new software can be evaluated free of charge in an offline state without the ability to connect to HiQnet devices. For communication with online devices a license key, available for purchase from the HiQnet website, is required.

For more in-depth help and information, please view the step-by-step video tutorials which can be found on the HiQnet website.