"A significant improvement over the original model, offering a wealth of features at a very accessible price”.

Sos driverackPA2 560

The dbx DriveRack PA2, which enables a loudspeaker system to be quickly and accurately optimised for the best-possible sound quality, is ideal for bands, musicians and artists who carry their own PA and for a wide range of installed sound applications. Sound On Sound review the DriveRack PA2 in the latest issue of the magazine, which has since been repriced to just £429 RRP inc VAT.

“Ease of use and quick setup is a big feature of the PA2, and I think it’s also a major step forward from the old model. Then, of course, there’s the facility to access the functions via the wireless iOS app; with a router connected to the PA2, the remote control app answers one of the problems I’ve always had with the DriveRack units, and that’s where to locate it. As a crossover and limiter it really needs to be in the amp rack or at least near the speaker to avoid running multiple pairs of cables, but as a compressor or a feedback suppressor I’d prefer to control it from the mix position. Now the excellent app solves this, as the PA2 can be physically located to suit the cabling, and remotely controlled from wherever you like”.

“The DriveRack PA2 has real differences and performance improvements over the previous model. It’s a one-box solution to most everyday live-sound system setup issues, and can offer precise control via simple, automated routines or by detailed manual operation. It’s hard to see how it could fail to offer some advantage, and its convenience and price make it worthy of serious consideration even for just one or two of its functions, let alone all the other clever stuff inside”.

The full review can be found in the latest issue of Sound On Sound magazine (June 2014) on sale now. The dbx DriveRack PA2 is also available now at £429 RRP inc VAT.

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