"...the DMS70 is a great -sounding and thoughtfully designed system that is well worth closer investigation if you're looking for stage-ready operation".

Sos dms70 500

Sound On Sound this month review the new AKG DMS70 Quattro wireless system. The DMS70 is a professional digital 2.4GHz wireless microphone system for worldwide, license-free operation. With 24bit, 48kHz audio coding, it provides uncompressed studio-quality transmission and a linear frequency response, for uncompromising vocal and instrumental performances.

"...setting up was completed in about two minutes, including unpacking the DMS70 components from their shipping box, and it was all working as it should".

"In terms of audio performance, the DMS70 system sounded very nice indeed, and I and my clients were impressed right from the start. The handheld DHT70 transmitters use AKG's D5 capsule, which happens to be my dynamic stage mic of choice for almost everything these days. I've been using a caseful of these for the last couple of years, I love their sweet, clear sound, and the supercardioid pickup pattern is ideal for live work...the sound quality is impressive: as far as I could tell, these mics sounded exactly like my own wired D5s".

"I expected the vocal sound to be very good, and it certainly was; both singers commented that they really liked the mics, and found them light, well-balanced and generally a pleasure to use".

"When using radio mics in even medium-sized venues, I like to place the receiver near to the stage to ensure good reception, and the send the outputs from that down the multicore. On both live events with the DMS70, however, I found no problems with using the receiver at the back of the venue, which in both cases was about 15m to 20m from the performers, and with quite a lot of audience in between".

"The DMS70 system is very definitely plug-and-play of the most uncomplicated kind, and offers excellent live performance with several useful additional features. Apart from the uncompromised sound quality, I like the stability of the system and simplicity of operation".

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