Am d12vr 560

The AKG D12VR is a premium dynamic microphone for live sound and recording applications, offering performance, quality and style for every application from instruments to vocals. Audio Media give their verdict in the latest issue of the magazine.

"Between different kicks with different resonances, a wide variety of heads on the market, a multitude of beater/pad combinations, and every genre of music having different kick tonal characteristics, no one go-to kick mic is going to meet all professional needs".

"However, the D12VR does offer as much, if not more, versatility as any other single bass drum mic available. It's not a cheap microphone, but solidly designed, and - based on the longevity of other AKG kick mics I've used over the years - I think it's a wise choice for a kick drum mic".

The full review can be found in the latest issue of Audio Media magazine (Issue 270, May 2013) on sale now. The AKG D12VR is also available now at £349 RRP inc VAT.

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