Sound Technology Ltd, Crown Audio's distributor in the UK/ROI, is pleased to announce shipping of the genuinely groundbreaking ComTech DriveCore™ series of installation amplifiers.

With a name synonymous with powerful, reliable performance, the ComTech DriveCore™ family of amplifiers firmly establishes new standards in innovation. Performance is exemplary in every respect with Signal-to-Noise of better than 110dB and Total Harmonic Distortion below 0.05% across the full audio bandwidth, delivering studio-grade sound in one rack-space with up to 8 channels of 125W. ComTech DriveCore™ is ideal for installations that require premium sound quality, multi-channel configurations, compact dimensions, and quite often zero ambient fan noise.

Typical applications include boardrooms, video and teleconferencing, VIP suites in stadiums and arenas, and upscale restaurants and retail outlets to name just a few. Representing next generation technology available today, the ComTech DriveCore™ proves without a doubt that big things really do come in small packages.

Powering this remarkable amplifier is the pioneering technology of DriveCore™, which seamlessly integrates the amplifier drive stage into the power output stage fusing everything into a chip less than 2cm wide. The DriveCore™ circuitry is based on breakthroughs by Crown's own Gerald Stanley with five patents applying to the advanced feedback, modulation and output stage technologies. DriveCore's front-end drive circuits leverage the inherent efficiency of Class D output stages while also maintaining superb sonic characteristics. The end result is an ultra-efficient one-piece audio amplifier circuit that exhibits the exemplary audio quality of a highly evolved Class AB design.

Energy efficiency is an integral part of ComTech DriveCore™. This series debuts a new four-stage universal power supply that adapts to operating demands to assure peak efficiency. Normal, Green, Sleep, and Deep Sleep modes combine to provide everything from full voltage to the supply rails for instant response to limiting power consumption, to less than 1W when not in use. And, because it's over 90% efficient in the DriveCore™ stage, no fan is required, allowing for ultra-quiet operation.

An ideal complement for the intimate spaces within a larger project, such as the high-end suites in a stadium, the ComTech DriveCore™ is a technological marvel. Small in size, big in performance, and competitively priced, it effortlessly demonstrates Crown's unmistakable command of installed sound applications.


Crown CT475 - 4 channels, 75W per channel into 8 Ohms
Crown CT4150 - 4 channels, 125W per channel into 8 Ohms
Crown CT875 - 8 channels, 75W per channel into 8 Ohms
Crown CT8150 - 8 channels, 125W per channel into 8 Ohms

All models weigh just 4.5kg are are priced from £765 list ex VAT.

The new Crown ComTech DriveCore series is available now. Further details from Crown's UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd on 01462 480000,,

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