"Impressive performance; simple to set up and use. An excellent sounding wireless system that shouldnt pose any performance problems".

Guit dms70 500

The new AKG DMS70 is a professional digital 2.4Ghz wireless system for worldwide license-free operation. It provides uncompressed studio quality audio and a flat frequency response. Also available as a vocal set (DMS70 D Vocal Set), including one DHT70 Handheld transmitter, Guitarist magazine review the DMS70 D Instrumental Set (includes one DPT70 body-pack transmitter) in the latest issue.

"Components are available individually, so you can purchase another transmitter for use with the second channel".

"Sound quality is full-range and dynamic, and pleasingly free of unwanted colouration and noise. The operating range of up to 30 metres indoors and 50 meters outside should suit most needs, with minimal latency and no drop-outs".

"Wireless systems offer the freedom and convenience of lead-free performance, while hopefully avoiding outside interference. The AKG DMS70 Dual setup combines these attributes with two independent channels, impressive audio and installation for a competitive asking price. This makes it undeniably attractive to any player considering cutting the aural umbilical cord".

The full review can be found in the September issue (359) of Guitarist magazine on sale now. The DMS70 D Vocal and DMS70 D Instrument wireless systems are also available now at £349 RRP.

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