“Given that the dbx AFS2 so obviously does exactly what its supposed to - automatically and effectively detect and suppress feedback without knocking a big hole in your audio material - what’s not to like?"

Dbxafs2 sos 560

The dbx AFS2 Advanced Feedback Suppression processor upgrades the best selling AFS224 with a highly-intuitive Wizard function that takes all of the guesswork out of setting up any room.  The AFS2 also incorporates a completely re-designed Advanced Feedback Suppression module with full LCD display setup and monitoring.  Mike Crofts gives his verdict in the latest issue of Sound On Sound magazine.

“The other thing I noticed about using the AFS2 was that even at volumes well below the feedback threshold, using it made the PA sound better, as all the worst excesses of the room response had been filtered and the result was a cleaner, clearer output”.

“…not only was it possible to achieve much louder levels in the hall, but by pushing the volume during setup to force the system to ring out the worser frequencies, the whole sound became more pleasant, cleaner and less fatiguing for everyone present”.

“…it’s (AFS technology) been my get-out-of-free option on many occasions, and I like the flexible way these new dbx units work, and I certainly like the new user interface”.

“The AFS2 is easy to use, especially with the setup wizard, and buys you considerably more level before feedback sets in, without drastically altering your sound”.

The full review can be found in the July 2015 issue of Sound On Sound magazine on sale now.  The dbx AFS Advanced Feedback Suppression Processor is also available now at £379 RRP inc VAT.

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