Acclaimed Crown DCi Series - around 60% more energy-efficient thanks to exclusive DriveCore™ technology - is natural successor and upgrade path from now officially discontinued CTS Series

Following the recent expansion of the DriveCore Install (DCi) range with the high-power DCi 2|2500N and 4|2500N, Crown has, after many years of service and thousands of units sold, officially discontinued the CTs series.  Powering installed sound systems in prestige venues throughout the world, CTs is now replaced by the DCi Series - amplifiers that offer numerous advantages for installers and clients alike with regard to energy-efficiency, rack-space, flexibility and reliability.

OUT - Crown CTs Series is now discontinued


IN - New Crown DCi Series



DCi series amplifiers use Crown’s proprietary DriveCore technology which provides significant improvements over CTs. DCi amplifiers are around 60% more efficient that CTs and are considerably lighter and smaller, with the 8-channel models needing taking up 2U rack space. DCi amplifiers are flexible, with each channel individually selectable between low impedance and 70/100V operation.

DCi amplifiers are available in two configurations - Analogue and Networked. The latter has integrated BLU link, HiQnet and GPIO connectivity (in addition to analogue inputs), meaning there is no need to specify additional PIP interface cards. The digital signal processing in DCi Networked amplifiers include LevelMAX limiters, EQ, delay, matrix mixer and speaker line monitoring.

For more information please call Crown’s UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd on 01462 480000 or visit

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