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The checklist for each performance setup is a demanding one. Building amplifier racks. Configuring systems. Safety approvals. Keeping technicians working efficiently. The VRack complete amplification system from Crown now makes the job much easier for you and your team. Designed for optimum performance and setup simplicity, the VRack gives you a customized, turnkey amplification package, complete with full safety approvals.

With Crown-engineered components already built in and no assembly required, it’s an easy-to-configure, all-in-one amplifier solution that eliminates the time-consuming process of building amp racks. This frees up your technical team to handle other important setup tasks.

The VRack delivers superb power distribution anywhere in the world and features innovative software for convenient, simplified control, giving you a versatile, worry-free rack system that’s always ready to go.

SKU Image Name Colour/description
CRO0325 VRack 4x3500HD - loaded VRack 4x3500HD - loaded
CRO0326 VRack 4x3500HD - empty VRack 4x3500HD - empty
CRO0221 VRack 12000HD - loaded VRack 12000HD - loaded
CRO0352 VRack 12000HD - empty VRack 12000HD - empty