"The bottom line is that this melting-pot of an interface is a genuine triumph”.

The Cranborne Audio 500R8 is a complete studio-in-a-box. 500R8 is a 28-in/30-out USB audio interface with high-performance conversion and low-jitter internal clock, comprehensive monitor controller, analogue summing mixer, zero-latency artist mixer, and 8-slot high-current 500 series rack. It receives an exclusive first review in the new issue of Sound On Sound magazine.

"The 500R8 measures extremely well: this is a very impressive set of specifications which is easily on a par with the best standard USB interfaces currently on the market."

"Consider the price of a high-quality eight-slot 500-series chassis, an analogue summing mixer, and a monitor controller, and subtract the total from the price of the 500R8. That’s a seriously impressive price for a multichannel interface whose converters compete with the best!"

"Whether you’re looking to build a high-quality tracking system, a hybrid-mixing colouration box, an analogue mastering chain, or something on a grander scale, there’s definite potential to be explored. And Cranborne have managed to deliver excellent technical performance too - so they have a right to be very proud of this flagship product."

The full review can be found in the September 2019 issue of Sound On Sound magazine on sale now. The Cranborne Audio 500R8 is also available now priced at £1599 RRP inc VAT.

Cranborne Audio is distributed in the UK/ROI by Sound Technology Ltd. For more information please call 01462 480000 or visit www.soundtech.co.uk/cranborne-audio.