"Cranborne's 500ADAT sounds great, boasts useful facilities, and makes adding 500-series processors to your existing audio interface convenient and hassle-free. You get a lot for your money too!"

500ADAT is the perfect tool to increase the I/O count of any ADAT-equipped audio interface. It's an 8-in/8-out ADAT expander that combines a 500 series rack with high-performance AD/DA conversion and ADAT I/O. This allows easy integration of the 500 series format into any studio setup using the ADAT I/O on the back of many popular audio interfaces. 500ADAT features analogue essentials that unite digital and analogue production workflows such as an 8-into-2 analogue summing mixer, zero-latency artist mixer with 2 reference-quality headphone outputs, and true ADAT & SMUXII/IV transmission to enable operation at sample rates up to 192kHz. Read the fantastic review in the November 2019 issue of Sound On Sound magazine, available here.

"It sounds just as crisp and clean as the impressive specs suggest it should."

"As I said when reviewing their superb 500R8 USB audio interface, it was actually Cranborne's 500ADAT which first piqued my interest — I've been suggesting to manufacturers for years that they should make a 500-series rack with onboard ADAT converters, since lots of us have interfaces with ADAT ports sitting unused. And though the 500ADAT wasn't the first such device to be announced, it is the first to become available. One or more 500ADAT units can be linked to a 500R8 to form a larger 500-series USB interface system, in which configuration the 500ADAT's capability is slightly extended. But it's also intended for use with other manufacturers' interfaces; Cranborne rightly recognise that many people are very happy with their current audio interface, and that others may require an interface to tick boxes the 500R8 can't (eg. a Universal Audio device with 'Unison' preamp emulations, or something that offers more or different I/O). In short, if your interface has ADAT ports the 500ADAT can be used to add 500-series hosting, with A-D/D-A conversion at all the usual rates at up to 192kHz (courtesy of SMUX II and IV)."

"In short, in the 500ADAT Cranborne have again delivered remarkable quality at a truly competitive price, while also plugging a long-standing gap in the market. So if you're keen on the 500 series and have ADAT ports standing idle, why not put them to good use and give this a go?"

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Image titleThe full review can be found in the November 2019 issue of Sound On Sound magazine on sale now. The Cranborne Audio 500ADAT is also available now priced at £1,399.99 RRP inc VAT.

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