HARMAN Professional has been associated with some of the world’s most famous dance venues over the years, looking to associate their own brand with the might of JBL — and many of them (such as Cream in Liverpool) adopting the legacy of the famous Richard Long system with mighty JBL drivers. The arrival of installation line arrays such as VerTec and VRX saw the new generation venues not only increasing their power but striving for a better signal path. As a result both the Ministry of Sound and fabric in London have now upgraded their BSS Audio networks to the new generation Soundweb London BLU series, enabling them to operate over HiQnet, Harman Pro’s communications protocol. The Ministry also added Crown networkable Macro-tech amplifiers. At the chic VIP end of the club market JBL has enjoyed a relationship ranging from Chinawhite, to more recently Whisky Mist and the private members’ club Bureau (to name but three).

Nightclub large diagram