Soundweb Contrio Server

System Control Server

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The Soundweb Contrio HiQnet Server offers advanced system control and scripting, centralised system management and an integrated media server.

The Soundweb Contrio HiQnet Server is configurable through HiQnet™ Audio Architect. A rich palette of logic objects and a “drag and drop” method of configuration provide a simple and familiar design environment. In addition to traditional Soundweb London logic objects, Lua-based scripting allows sophisticated application-specific logic functionality to be deployed.

System-wide presets and cross-device links within a HiQnet system can be hosted on the HiQnet Server, placing them in a central location on a powerful control device.

The Soundweb Contrio HiQnet Server enables self-healing within a HiQnet system. The HiQnet Server is able to detect a device going offline and a device of the same type coming online. This situation would occur in the case of a maintenance swap-out. The HiQnet Server automatically sets the addressing of the replacement device and sends down the correct configuration. Since the HiQnet Server is able to communicate with standard compatible Ethernet switches, the physical switch ports can be identified. This means that multiple devices can go offline and be replaced, each obtaining the correct addressing and configuration upon connection.

Capturing event logs from an integrated system is often useful for characterising system usage or for troubleshooting. The HiQnet Server aggregates event log data from system components and its vast storage ensures no data is ever lost.

The Soundweb Contrio HiQnet Server allows the simultaneous playback of multiple-channel audio media via its logic system from the integrated solid-state hard disk drive. Using the logic system, audio media can be scheduled or triggered by events. Two versions of the HiQnet Server give designers the choice between Dante and BLU link. The Dante version uses Audinate’s Dante Virtual Soundcard and the BLU link version uses the BSS Audio BLU-PCI PCI Express card.

  • Advanced System Control and Scripting
  • Rich Palette of Logic Objects
  • Lua-Based Scripting
  • Hosting of System-Wide Presets and Cross-Device Links
  • Centralised System Management
  • Self-Healing
  • Event Log Aggregation
  • Integrated Media Server
  • Simultaneous Playback of Multiple-Channel Audio Media
  • Solid-State Hard Disk Drive
  • Two Versions:
  • Dante Virtual Soundcard
  • BLU link
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