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OC18 Live Set

Includes: 2x OC18 Microphones, 2x Mic Clips, 2x Windshields

SRP £957.50 + VAT

Popular Cardioid Pattern Precision Microphone


• 2 x OC18 Microphones

• 2 x Mic Clips

• 2 x Windshield

• Spidermount

OC18 Features:

• Cardioid Pattern Precision Microphone

• Handmade single diaphragm CKR12 ceramic capsule

• "Made in Vienna" mic stripped down to the essentials

• Every Austrian Audio OC18 and OC818 is within 1dB of each other so any two microphones is a stereo pair

• Debuts Austrian Audio’s Open Acoustics Technology

• Frequency range: 20Hz – 20 kHz

• Connector: XLR 3 pin

• Directional characteristics: Cardioid

• Sensitivity (all directions): 13mV/Pa

• Supply voltage: 48V (4ma)

At the heart of Vienna is a deep tradition of love for music.

At the heart of our revolutionary OC818 and OC18 is an equally passionate commitment to sound and engineering excellence. Each of these Large Diaphragm Condenser (LDC) microphones has a handcrafted Austrian Audio CKR12 ceramic capsule as its heart and the heart & soul of any classic microphone is the capsule. There are very few people that can design, let alone construct, a classic edge-terminated capsule. There is also the question of building them by hand in Europe. The good news is that the skill, knowledge, and tradition live on at Austrian Audio.

We bring passion to everything that we do, and nobody brings more passion to making our CKR12 ceramic capsule by hand then our very own Monika. See, Monika has been building high-end transducers since the mid-1990s. Her hands have carefully constructed some of the most respected audio tools in the world. When she wasn’t making classics, she was training a new generation on the art and craft of proper transducer construction. That tradition and heritage continues as Monika has made every CKR12 to date along with most of our microphones and is now training the next generation of historic transducer and microphone builders at Austrian Audio.

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"In the OC18, Austrian Audio have combined old-school expertise with clever innovation to deliver a really special large-diaphragm studio microphone at a compelling price." - Reviewed by Sound on Sound
"I recommend either of these microphones [OC818 / OC18] to anyone looking to buy a world-class large diaphragm condenser microphone without breaking the bank. They are true giant-killers." - Reviewed by Music Tech
Introducing the Innovative Austrian Audio Mic Range!
Andertons Synths, Keys and Tech
Introducing the Innovative Austrian Audio Mic Range!
Microphones Discussed: Austrian Audio OC818 Microphone - Austrian Audio OC18 Microphone - Check out the Austrian Audio Range - Jack sits down with Kent Iverson (Head of Marketing, PR & New Business Development) from Austrian Audio to discuss everything the new, boutique microphone and headphone brand has been up to. Interested in other Andertons YouTube channels? Click on one of these links to find out more… Andertons Guitar & Bass YouTube Channel: Andertons Drummers YouTube Channel: Andertons Keyboard YouTube Channel: Andertons Shopping Web Site: Buy a T Shirt: Make sure to subscribe to Andertons TV for more great videos like this: Watch 
OC818 & OC18. Made in Vienna. Again! Handmade Capsules and Mics Made in Vienna.
Austrian Audio
OC818 & OC18. Made in Vienna. Again! Handmade Capsules and Mics Made in Vienna.
Austrian Audio OC 818 & OC18 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphones Where we're from and how our new microphones came to be. World's First Wireless control of analog mic circuitry (requires optional OCR8) Precision tuned and handmade CKR12 ceramic capsule Each microphone is a stereo pair due to precision tuning and matching. Visit our website for more information: Credits Agency: (Vienna) Tom Fulir, Rainer Frick Watch 
Austrian Audio's Microphones: In Depth on the making of the mics. #1 of 3
Austrian Audio
Austrian Audio's Microphones: In Depth on the making of the mics. #1 of 3
Go in depth on the OC818 and OC18 microphones! This is the longest of our introductory series and focuses on what makes these Austrian microphones special. The prior 2 videos focused upon PolarPilot and the OCR8 (world's first wireless polar pattern controller for an analog mic) and our Free and Open Source plug-in: PolarDesigner. But of what true & lasting value are fantastic & forward-thinking features without a world-class sound from which to start? Beginning with Monika's handmade capsules and on to the 335+ years of engineering experience, learn what is going on inside the acoustics and electronics of these future-classic large diaphragm condenser microphones. Our experienced heritage design team and engineers poured every bit of knowledge, heart and soul into making the finest microphones that can be currently manufactured on Austrian soil. This video can be considered as an owner's manual of sorts. Grab a coffee or favorite brew and spend a few quality minutes getting acquainted with all that these mics can do. That rhymes. Yeah, we're an audio company and music & passion are in all that we create. We hope the same is true for you and we will help by providing the tools. Visit our website for more information: Watch