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Tom Lord-Alge recently spoke to Apogee about the new 2x6 Special Edition module in his Symphony MKII setup. The world-renowned mixing engineer has numerous credits to his name, including Blink 182, P!nk, Oasis and Steve Winwood to name a few. Here's what he had to say about the new module:

“Every so often a piece of gear comes out that inspires you. I was quite happy with my Apogee Symphony Mk II 2×6 for my 96k printing rig. It sounded great and worked perfectly right out of the box, but then I got the 2×6 SE card and was blown away and how great it sounds! The 2×6 SE inspires me on a daily basis, knowing that what is coming out of my console is getting to the listener EXACTLY the way it sounds at my studio!”

The Apogee Symphony 2x6 SE Module is now available in the UK.